“Exploring frontier Nano-research for a Timely Transition to Green Energy and Solutions to Global Challenges”.

Scientific meeting on sustainability with international guests, live streamed from Venetian Palace.

You can register for the Nanovalbruna Virtual Duets webinar:


These are the topic that will be covered:

Virtual Duet 1 on: “Innovative Energy Strategies: towards Game-Changing Sustainable Solutions”.
Giulia Grancini / Alberto Pasanisi

Virtual Duet 2 on: “Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Consumption and Production”.
Chantal Line Carpentier / Garry Jacobs

Virtual Duet 3 on: “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Sustainability of Peripheral Communities”.
Ayman El Tarabishy / Katia Passerini

Virtual Duet 4 on: “Advances in Nanodevices for Sustainable Health and Healthy Ageing”.
Mira Marcus / Mauro Ferrari

Virtual Duet 5 on: “Biodiversity conservation for a Sustainable Growth”.
Enrico di Minin / Angelo Fienga