The NanoValbruna’s team guest of the radio program “GIOVANI E COMUNICAZIONE” (young people and communication)

The NanoValbruna’s team was a guest of an episode of “GIOVANI E COMUNICAZIONE” (young people and communication), a radio program by Mario Mirasola dedicated to school, university, and communication. The relationship between NanoValbruna and young people was discussed, underlining the importance of the latter, considered the actual protagonists of the Festival. For a short english […]

From linear to circular: the advantage of being sustainable

The event Festival NanoValbruna (19-25 July 2021), promoting Green Economy and sustainability, offers the ideal context for students to study and analyse the organizational issues related to a sustainable event, with the scientific advice of the University of Udine.  

FRILAND for our guests

The lodges on wheel to stay in the nature of Friuli. Discover more:

Mv scuola takes the field in the name of green

The editorial staff of Messaggero Scuola could not miss the appointment with Nanovalbruna! Chiara, Emanuele, Margherita, Anna ed Andrea will tell through social media the festival and its emotions.

Luca Mercalli a NanoValbruna

Seasons – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Narrative concert by the Filarmonici Friulani Youth Orchestra and Luca Mercalli A common thread is linking the Venetian “Little Ice Age” of the 18th century with today’s climate crisis. It is intertwined with the gales of the Aegean Sea and the ironic contrast between Würm (the name of the last […]